[ Taiwan ] Kagaya HotSpring 加賀屋溫泉

What's another famous thing is taiwan? i would say.. HotSpring. almost everywhere. and here we are at 1 of the hotspring..

entrance of the kagaya hot spring hotel?

obviously.. very Traditional  Japanese feels.

inside it also very Japanese feels.

the corridor of the hot spring room. that's our hot spring room.

here's out in door hot spring... it look like a ordinary bathroom to me...

there is dry zone and wet zone, and this is the dry zone.

Satuki room we got.

the hot spring bath tub.

what make a difference is... there is Cold water, Hot water, and natural HotSpring water. you know why you here for, so the HotSpring Water should be released.

we're getting ready for the hot spring :). enjoying the hotspring.. fuh......

just mentioned a little. this is a high tech toilet bowl. the panel of the wall is the remote control.. wash and blow temperature all adjustable through he panel.

a group photo with the Taiwan - Japanese ladies XD

that's it for the hot spring experience, honestly.. i feel previous Kylin Peak Hotspring experience is better.

Website : 加賀屋溫泉

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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