[ Taiwan ] Lavender Cottage - 熏衣草森林

Here we are at the Lavender Cottage. let meet some real lavender.

Here the Real Lavender Forest.. not that i expected. maybe is the due to season? not lavender season now?

Shin Lee with the Lavender's Background.

this is how the lavender look like..

more lavender, more more!! more purple needed.

on top of the hill. there is a huge tree, a Wishing Tree? i see a lots of Wish board hanging surrounding the tree. i wonder how it works.

she believe she can fly~ here... very nice place here indeed. the entrance to Lavender House.

and there is a huge Brick bungalow in there, it's Lavender House. perhaps is lavender cottage owner house? how cool to owned house like this. and can invite your friend to your garden during lavender bloom. "come to my house lavender garden." cool~

further down.. there is a lavender maze.  wondering how's the maze look like? let check it out together.

wow? a bed room ? lavender furnishing? main themes is lavender, so you can see purple color here and there.

simple but nice, and filled with cartoon wall decoration. feel like live in a doodle art world.

place where you work. feel so comfortable to work here. so relaxing.

look out of the windows, it's all GREEN. damn i like that windows!

a fully loaded kitchen. i wonder how the lavender food taste like. XD. since their themes is lavender.

tired of walking.. and there is a huge bear accompany us while resting. damn.. can i bring it home??

ok, it's now only lavender can be seen here, there also other flowers around. like these. yellows tat 1 is my flowers :p

and there is a lot funky decoration here and there. great for shutter burning.

oh ya.. our entrance ticket actually is cash/discount voucher. can redeem something from the shop in side the lavender cottage.

That's all for the Lavender Cottage, and it's End of Day 2 in Taiwan. Day3 in Taiwan coming up next :P

Official Website : LavenderCottage

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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