[ Taiwan ] Mon Coeur- 心之芳庭

after the rainbow street, we headed to next destination, the Moncoeur. and here we are.

the first thing that i saw right after i jump out from the van. the wall of moncoeur. what is this place anyway?

did you get any clue form this signboard? it say.. dating zone? hmph... open at 11am...

we arrived early.. so have to wait...

as you can see... the main entrance still remain locked. Ann told me that some people purposely came here for wedding photography. must be nicely decorate inside.

grab myself a map of the area. with some coupon/discount voucher. for purchasing or redeem anything you can find  inside .

hooray.. finally 11am! the place is opened. first thing we saw is Chin Chin Building? i wonder what's inside?

it's a Restaurant.. but.. dun feel like wasting time in restaurant right now..... western style restaurant if you want to know what they serve.

beside Chin Chin, is a Lavender Shop, they sell lot's of things that smell good. let check it out inside.

soaps in huge variant flavour, shape and size, choose the 1 you like.

they even sell colorfull Bath salt, hmph... wanna get some back to try?

let head to next shop...

and there is a lot of lovely flowers around.. they just beautiful, as mentioned earlier.. perfect place for dating if the weather is not that hot (kinda hot while we were there).

Chochoco? sound like a chocolate house/shop or anything, must be related to chocolate! i strongly believe.

as expected. they sell fine chocolate here. here's their website [ ChoChoCo ]. and it's fresh made. kinda expensive and can't redeem with the voucher, so.. didn't get 1 to try. :P

move along.. there is a Clock house. and flowers here are just awesome!

another view of the Clock house.

there is a fountain here. just simple.. not fancy.. we're lucky cause we reach early, a while later this place flooded with peoples.. tourist..

very romantic place for lunch if you want..very nice view up here too.

here's my dear with me at this place :) if not because of the hot weather.. this place is great to waste time with.. you know la.... almost noon time.. how how could that be?

That's all for my Mon Coeur visits, oh.. "Mon Coeur" means My Heart in France.. a Place in your heart?  very nice place. and before we left, we saw a wedding dinner preparation there. outdoor. look nice.. but didn't manage to capture any picture of that..

Official website : Mon Coeur 心之芳庭

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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