[ Taiwan ] Puli Brewery 酒乡埔里

now we're in Puli (埔里)  and here is the 酒乡埔里.  Wine Brewery.

and we can see a huge wine barrel decoration on the wall. obviously, this place must be wine related. i strongly believe so.

let's go in, entrance look like traditional door.

and we saw lot of collectible wine, liquor behind the glass.

and this is Nu'er Hong (女兒紅).This wine evolved from the Shaoxing tradition of burying "nu'er hong" underground when a daughter was born, and digging it up for the wedding banquet when the daughter was to be married.

Zhuang Yuan Hong (狀元紅), is similar with Nu'er Hong (女兒紅) but meant  for male. which celebrate child got a top scorer in palace examination during long long time ago.

and there is some unique modern item with wine.. like wine chocolate, wine soap.. wow.. can't imagine how that smell/ taste like.. (i mean the chocolate, not the soap,OK!)

even more.. the Red Bean Ice Cream. and what so special about it? you should know, blended with  Shaoxing wine.

check it out more. there is Jar used to brew wine. long time ago.. it's for decoration now.

and more weird weird wine container.. pork wine? and some music instrument container.fancy huh?

wow?? this is how they store these wine jar underground? hmph. those broken wine jar look like hatched egg.

and many more pattern and variant of wine on display.

there os hundred yearsold wine, for those who lived up to 100 yearsold? and twin bottle wedding wine?

Look Gross! what is this actually? wine! yes, you hear me, it's wine! bottom right is "Creature/Animal Wine", bottom left is "Vegetarian Wine" oh? there is Vegetarian wine available. remind me the  Baby Mouse Wine from my friend

look at the wine jar wall behind me.

underground tunnel of wine storage. even though this is not the real tunnel, just a nicely faked tunnel. but look real.

this is how the real underground wine storage tunnel should look like.

left side wine, right side wine, dpn't simply take one from anywhere, it might collapse!. hhaha

this is how traditional way of wine transportation. it's heavy i can say..

and this is one of the largest ShaohSing Chiew statue.

this is a place where those people enjoy their wine. very very long time ago.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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