[ Taiwan ] Rainbow Street 彩繪眷村(彩虹街)

An 88 years old retired oldman, spend his free time doing painting on these streets, or so call graffiti. and bit by bit the street become a tourist spot. and gain the name of Rainbow Street. 彩繪眷村(彩虹街).

The Rainbow Street.. hmph.. i wonder how rainbow like street this would be?

i have no idea regarding the 99 years above the Rainbow Street sign.. i found a poem that stick on one of these building wall.

look at the wall, floor all painted with colorful graffiti ? hehe. anyway.. look nice.

walking into civilians home, these actually peoples homes.. there still peoples who stay in these building.. so walk quietly.. silent mode ON!

everybody is busy walking around. taking picture around. investigating around like in CSI. LOL.

there is some decoration stuff placed outside.. such as dolls.. for photography purpose i suppose.

grab a snap with these colorful graffiti streets.

even the corridor also being filled with colorful arts. like a child's wonderland.

me and shin been here in the colorful street.

KNS groups photo here. say kanasaaaiii.

floor? wall? which is which? seem like Louise enjoy here.

own busy own here. enjoying graffiti on every corner.

see there is some dolls, simpson, melody, and a unknow black dog? can borrow for photography purpose. well.. just the graffiti alone already very attractive, don't you think so?

here's the 88 year old retired artist. he's the one to paint all the street. kinda like his painting style. he have a young heart. young soul. maybe these is color of his life :).

saw this huge signboard of signature.. protecting rainbow street. are they going to demolish this street soon? i hope this not going to happen... cause this is a great little place.

Facebook : 春安路56巷彩繪眷村

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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