[ Taiwan ] Shifen waterfall 十分大瀑布

Crossing the bridge will lead us to the destination, the Shifen waterfall.

we followed the train trail to get the the destination. and noticed this train trail is still in use. have to be careful don't run into the track while the train is crossing.

here we are, we reach the destination. here is the Shifen Waterfall. let's go in.

we're near. i can hear the sound of the waterfall.i guess that's the waterfall we seeking for?

here is the waterfall! amazing!

view of  waterfall from top.

the lake where the stunning waterfall flow to.. there is a green color lake below it.

a group photo of "Kanasai" group. er... ann.. what's you doing there?

another group photo. say cheese...

actually we can go further down to face the waterfall. and here is the photo taken while walking down.

hualla.. this is the view that i talking about. and this waterfall is well known for some photographer to use as wedding photographer background. not a surprise for a awesome view

hehehe, of course. a photo of us here is a must :p

okay.. sun is setting. is time to make a move, let get ready for next destination.

before our transport arrive. we saw some others tourist is trying to release the sky lantern.

see, the sky lantern released to the air. should look impressive when there is tons of these lantern release into sky. okay. that all for the waterfall. :)

Website : Shifen Waterfall

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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