[ Taiwan ] Sunrise at Hehuan Shan Mountain 合欢山日出

while the sky still dark, clock pointing 4am. we on our way up to the peak of HeHuan Mountain for a reason. the Sun Rise. pray that we lucky enough to see it. and we on our way. we see the nice colorful sky. it mean.. anytime now..

just the car entered another corner, we all shout very exited. the EGG YORK is out!! the Sun is begins to rise. worst part is.. we're still inside our VAN!!! omg!!

looking at the sunrise inside the moving VAN, keep thinking will i missed the perfect moment before i reach the destination? am i going to enjoy the sunrise inside this van? i hope not!

the sun turning from pink to orange and going to be very bright soon. very soon.

then the first ray shine on the land.

another side of the mountain, there is a very nice cloud sea.

and the sun become very bright and light up the land. feeling hot after the sun come out? think no. why?

because the environment is FREAKING COLD!!! how cold?  1 Degree Celsius!! freezing cold up here. don't believe? look at the temperate reading on the wall.

and the only shelter is full.. and i'm busy setting up my tripod with my camera.. so i need them to wait inside the telephone stand. cold....

everything ready. and kacak!! we got this shot.. and that upper left is our tour guide and driver. guess this is the only photo we took together.

the panorama view of the mountain with description. basically just telling you what you're looking at. mountains.

did i mention where am i now? sorry. we are at the peak of Hehuan Shan, which also known as Hehuan Mountain. it say... 3158 metre.

and with that kind of height. you can see stunning view up there. such this cloud of sea. for your information, the horizontal line is road we took just now to the peak

now we at another top of the mountain. here have better view stage.

look at this water droplets. initially i tot is just water. but when u touch it... it's actually Frozen water droplets. come on, it's 1 degree Celsius up here.

and the sky is sky high now.. but i still feeling freezing!gr gr gr gr gr

some others shot i managed to capture from the peak of  Hehuan Shan.

after that. we all heading off Hehuan Shan for our next destination.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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