[ Taiwan ] Taipei 101

Today would be the last day of our trip. and also mean is the last place where we can go in taiwan. so we went to taiwan landmark.. the Taipei 101

here we are, walking toward the Taipei 101 tower. yupe behind us, that the taipei 101.

after some walk... and the tower is getting closer and closer. we're almost there :)

another shot infront of the tower with my love one. :)

finally we made it to the entrance.. but.. hard to take picture of the tower from here...

let go inside the tower to breath some chilled air. fuh......

and this time.. we bought ticket to go for the high ground. to the top of the 101 tower. which i missed the chance during previous taiwan trip.

and we're lucky enough to reach before the group traveler arrived. we're at the front line XD.

here the map of the tower elevator.. different elevator serve different floor..

and this is how the floor look like.

the red statue of 101( there face is soo "101" alike..). is the first thing we saw when we arrived at the top.

here is the scenery view zone. check out the scenery outside the glass.

since this is the top of the tower, of course you can enjoy the amazing view up here. and this is one of it.

and here is shin lee with the amazing taiwan as background.

A fancy collection of the 101 faced statue. collect all four of them?

when go inside.. we saw a huge ball like this.. and this is the tower stabilizer. to prevent earth quake make the whole tower collapse.

and we took a proved that we're here at the stabilized zone. hhehehe.

and further down.. is more like a shop. it's this whole big piece of rock behind her. it's Jed stone. huge engraved Jed stone.

and also some smaller jed stone, and engrave into a nice piece of art. like all these.

and the traditional Chinese dresses, middle 1 is what king usually wear during the old days..

when going down from the lift.. the lift black out and showing nice Star sky on the roof of the lift. very nice

after that.. ops.. we're got a plane to chase.. guess that's good bye to taipei 101 tower :)

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