[ Taiwan ] Taipei Pig Home 台北猪窝

Tonight we all gonna be piggies, we booked a hotel.. or should i say Pig Home? be a very comfortable piggies,

guess what is this? is the smart home controller. you can check mails, visitors, visitor recorder video(everytime u press on the door bell, it start recording), controling lights, aircon, with timer. schedule. basically almost everything from here. kinda cool. i want this install in my house!

Head back to our tonight hotel. trust me, it's very nice hotel here.

Kitchen ready, you can cook yourself if you want to

and the bed is on high gound. :)

again.. this is the view once u get into the room. look comfortable.

high angle of the room. the bed is upstairs...

and here is the kitchen.. you can cook here if you want to. it's quite complete.

and here is the bed where we rest and recharge.

there is a luggage room hidden under the bed.
outside the room, there is a washing machine, oh ma.. this look like quite complete for everything daily routine.

view from our room balcony, nice scenery, nice swimming pool, too bad i think we don't have time for that...

Let's visit their room.. ops.. seem like visit in wrong timing.. they busy packing..

And quite a big room. that they managed to fit 5 person in a room.

while everyone is busy on their own thing. i busy snapping picture here and there :p.

also.. kitchen is provided.

and there is 2nd floor in this room as well. let check it out.

well.. i can't stand straight in this place. have to bend a little.. the air conditioner just beside the bed, guess sleeping here will make you feel like sleeping in arctic ?

They got the glowing staircase. hope the glass won't break...

guess what while i going to PigHome rest room? i got a notice on the door, and i sharing bathroom with a branded dog..

here's the branded dog of the PigHome. GUCCI. cute ain't it?

here is namecard of the PigHome.

Website : Taipei PigHome (Chinese) / Taipei PigHome (Jap)

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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Blessed Homemaker said...

1. May I know where is the location of this Pig's Home?

2. Regarding your friends' room that sleeps 5, from your pics, am I right to assume the room originally comes with 2 double beds, your friends paid for an extra bed, correct?

3. How much did they pay in total for 1 night stay?

Don'z said...

1, it's located above of the train Station interchange

2, i think no... i didn't recall they add another extra bed..

3. sorry.. i can't remember. try check their website. i believe they stated there :)

black widow said...

hi, may i know how much did u book for both the rooms? and how long before did u book for the rooms before u head there? hope to hear from u real soon. thks.

Fabiola said...

hi donny,

may i know the contact person for this Pighome? did they speak english well because my mandarin is very poor..:(

Don'z said...

hi Fabiola,

i'm afraid that the only contact i have, try to ask someone to help maybe? , my friend wrote email in English and the Google translate it to Chinese and mailed to them. maybe you can try this trick? hehe. wish you all the best

Fabiola said...

Hi donny,

thanks for the reply.. so i just need to email to the email address at the name card will do? how long they will reply?

Don'z said...

hi Fabiola,

i think i won't be able to answer you on this question. cause i'm not the one who book this place. but my friend told me they reply kinda slow.

Jobless Girl said...

Seem like great place to stay! How thelocation wise it is convenience?

Don'z said...

the location is just above the trains interchange station. very ideal place :)

Unknown said...

Hi Dear

How did you book the hotel? did you call over to Taipei or you book online?

Don'z said...

i remember my friend managed to booked over whatsapp. try drop them email.

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