[ Taiwan ] Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf 淡水漁人碼頭

it's almost evening. and we went to a wharf.. it's a famous wharf. heard used to firm 1 of the drama.

The Fisherman Wharf. or mermaid wharf? anyway, this is the landmark of the place. the bridge.

along the road to the bridge, we here with public transport. and we need to walk  for some distant to reach there. along the road, lots of yacht can be seen here.

and here's the famous long bridge.. erm? what's the name? i'll let you know later in this post.

and look like it a great place for sunset. and we're just about time .

Me and Shin Lee kinda happy to be here.

we both "LIKE" this place. let grab a photo together with the bridge here.

we're just beside the bridge. yahoo.

and some jump jump photo on the bridge. hehehe won't collapse gehor.

some view on the bridge.

and we reach the other side of the bridge.

over the bridge we go. let's go.

things get little bit interesting when night fall and lights grow. the water reflection.

and once again. i'm here, the Fisherman's wharf. i been here last time, but it's during heavy rain, missed the stunning view up here.

Shin Lee wanna proved she's here too.

and here's the bridge glow in the night. just amazing.

okay.. let me tell u the answer. this long bridge also known as "The Lover Bridge" :)

That's all for the Fisherman Wharf and Lover Bridge. gonna head back to join the group again

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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