[ Taiwan ] Ximending 西門町

we're here.. and that's a very nice Starbuck on top of 7-11

very fashion doggie... nice~

and while we hungry. we grab some mee shua. this is famous around here. give a try.

and soft toy are everywhere, including the famous Hot ANGRY BIRDIE

there is something weird on this stall... can you notice it?

Da Diao Shao.. mean.. Barbecue Big Dick. wonder how it look like?

this is how the Barbecue Big Dick look like, dare to eat this on public? of course it not REAL! just butter snack i suppose.. (i didn't try it, don't ask me how it taste like)

omg? is this for real?  look, you can PRE-order it. there is the number. CALL IT!

fancy fancy backpack.. nice huh? feel like getting one.. hehehe

oooo i saw DOMOKUN's in the machine... i want the big 1!!!

and someone found lot's of cute white rabbit. gonna save them all?

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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