[ Taiwan ] Yehliu Geopark 野柳地质公园

now, we are at YehLiu Geopark. time to revise some geography.

this is the main reason why we here. rock of the Queen head . created by nature.

can't miss it. grab a photo with the queen's head.

walk further down. we saw some weird kind of sea side.. it's rock and it not horizontal align..

found a huge compass here.middle in the land.

further down, i noticed that this place is awesome for it scenery.. and they claim the best place for bird photography around here.

mountain and the sea, sky and rocks, how great full our mother nature.

erm.. there is some huge mushroom look a like stuff there. what's is that?

wait a minutes... these look like the queen's head back there.. so.. this is the how it exactly look like... just some of it lucky enough to get the ROYAL shape.

more stone... requirement for those stone become this shape? wind, water , sun and time.

i wonder what they queue for. such a long queue.. let go check it out.

oh.. that the genuine, the real, the nature creation of the ROCK of QUEEN's HEAD. so.. the another queen head just now... is a fake? replica? gosh...

enjoying camwhoring with the fantastic scenery as background :P

a unique rock window, part of Flintstones house? hehe

different type of the rocks.. and the top right. found some pig nose rock. and from the top right photo. can you see something from there? let me zoom in for you.


some scenery of the place. and also the head of the queen again.

climb up a bit at the top end. and able to see the overall of the place i been just now.

look down. the water is so clear... i just simple love this view.

clear sea water allowed us to see through the sea water all the way down to the bottom.

and that all i guess for YehLiu Geopark. time to proceed to the next location :)

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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