[ Taiwan ] Zhong Lie Ci 忠烈祠

here we are, back to the Zhong Lie Ci, been here during previous taiwan trip, but there is no shift exchange happening back then, and this time. we aimed for the shift exchange.

here we are, at the main entrance of Zhong Lie Ci.

here a photo of us with the guardian on duty behind us.

The shift exchange is on progress, and there is some protocol and procedure to follow.

close up look at the soldier on duty

these soldier were surrounded by tourist..

Entering the hall. shift exchange procedure take place.

let have a look around the main hall. is kinda huge....

the soldier still getting their procedure done.

okay, the guardian exchanged. now it time for them to head back to the main entrance.

their step like like robot, very tidy and very neat.

it's time to shift exchange with the guardian at the main entrance.

Shift exchange completed. new soldier on duty.

that's it.. how the shift exchange being done.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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