One Night In Malacca

Here is the hotel where we rest at Malacca.

HangOut Hotel. is where we stay.

okay.. this is how our room look like..simple.. but messy after we move in XD.

and here is their facilities.. kitchen, internet zone. and roof top balcony.

you can see this view from the rooftop. that's the old sailing ship. it's a museum now.

at the entrance.. there is a huge map of Malacca. just covered jonker street.

in the jonker street, there are a lot fancy stuff. include this.. One Trillion Dollars bank note. for you information. this is real. zimbabwe banknote. buy it and call your self Trllionaire XD.

and there also legendary Kungfu book. plan to learn kung fu? get one. it's blank inside, just a notebook XD.

and Shin found herself a wooden shoe..this is a wooden shoe specialist shop

and some stall that selling soft toy..

this is a nicely decorated garden. previously it's not allowed to take photo. but now. yes we can.

the malacca river at night.

and we happen to see one of the Malaysia book of records holder. what can he do?

he is the man that breaks Coconuts with his finger. yes!! with his FINGER!!

the Jonker street.

and more jonker street. nice painting huh?

and there is the Malacca church at the back.

the.... Malacca watermill.

then we do out food hunt. and this is the very nice pork satay in Malacca. yes it's non halal.

next, we go all the way for the famous mille crepe in town. it's delicious.

one happy shin. ate a lot mille crepe.. burp.....

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