New Kick! The Nike AIRMAX201

went to Studio R Pavillion and notice this AIRMAX is on sales. 30% discount! damn! i'm kinda excited when i saw this. so asked for try.. Photobucket
And the next thing i said is "damn!" they don't have my size.. leave with disappointment..

and i still got something back home .. i went to Studio R KLCC. and oh yeah!! they have it! but different design which i think is better :)

Open Box tada~ my new Kick's my AirMax!

seem like there is some integration app for iphone? will check it out later.

AirMax in the box!

let me show you the AIR~

closer look at the AirMax

my first Nike Shoe...

see. it say.. I'm AIRMAX.

Nike AirMax~ it's not the latest 2012 airmax. but is good enough for me :)

front and back of the Nike AirMax.

and here the Gear On! i'm on AIR now. hehehehe

Official Website : Nike

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Don'z said...

gone in the air... some fucking asshole stole it on 18th Oct 2012. fuck you asshole. fuck you!!!

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