Sabah 2012 Summary

Day 1
[1.0] Return to Sabah
[1.1] Sandakan Fish Market
[1.2] Sim Sim in Seafood
[1.3] Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Templee

Day 2
[2.0] Chong Tian Vun Park
[2.1] English Tea House and Restaurant, Sandakan
[2.2] Sandakan Sepilok - Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

Day 3
[3.0] A day in Lahad Datu
[3.1] My Childhood place... Pacific Cocoa

Day 4
[4.0] To Kota Kinabalu, To Pine Resort

Day 5
[5.0] Morning Scenery at Kinabalu Pine Resort
[5.1] Tree Top Canopy Walk

Day 6
[6.0] Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary
[6.1] Drink Till Flood with Yapp

Day 7
[7.0] Meeting with Secondery Schoolmate
[7.1] Leaving Sabah once again... bye bye

[ Sabah ] Leaving Sabah once again... bye bye

here i'm at the Sandakan airport again, waiting for departure

my uncle waiting relaxing....

flight is here. ready to depart

boarded... at the same time.. my camera almost run out of battery.. just about time :)

oh.. and here's the last picture of sabah... the glowing Sandakan :)


[ Sabah ] Meeting with Secondery Schoolmate

still have time to catch up with my secondary schoolmate before leaving Sabah again.


[ Sabah ] Drink Till Flood with Yapp

it's late night.. and i went out to yumcha with a friend. very close friend Yapp.

heavy rain.. won't stop us of course. damn long time didn't meet up with him. we changed place after a while due to the rain getting bigger.. better move to somewhere indoor.

for the old friend sake. we take a photo to keep.

he introduced a beer that i never see before the "Oranjeboom" beer.. he called it Orang Jepun ( Japanese ).

middle of the conversation... the thunderstorm didn't stop.. but strikes harder and louder each time.. and suddenly.. there is no more electricity ..

a while later... i noticed.... the road we came from just now.. had converted into a River... omg... can you imagine how heavy is there rain right now? half of the tire gone.

and this is the advantage of driving 4x4 car..

few hours later, about 3am.. the rain stop.. and the flash flood also faded.. leaving the road look like a sea surface..  mud and sand everywhere..

oh look, there is a log being carried to the middle of the road. haha, didn't see that coming


[ Sabah ] Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

my dad brought us to Labuk Bay. never been to this place when i stay in sandakan.

this is a Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. yupes, we come here for monkeys

what's Proboscis Monkey you ask? this is the Proboscis Monkey.

and there is a lot more monkeys around.. most important. they are superb friendly..

how friendly? i believe the picture describe it all. they doesn't afraid at all

and when one monkey come near you.. the rest will just follow...

it's not attacking this guys, this just just trying to take a photo of the monkey

and i can get a very near shot of the monkey..

these monkey just everywhere.

and this is where we enjoy watching the monkey from.

let's back to Proboscis Monkey. and these monkey of why we're here.

Proboscis Monkey family

and we spotted a golden monkey... seem like monkey have golden fur when they are still child. gonna turn black when they grown up

and lucky to meet the Proboscis Monkey monkey feeding time..

it's Proboscis Monkey food time.

this is elderly Proboscis Monkey, can tell from it nose

and this is younger Proboscis Monkey, see the nose different?

Proboscis Monkey trademark nose.. big~~~~


[ Sabah ] Tree Top Canopy Walk

we going uphill, to canopy walk. yeah, this is the Tree Top Canopy Walk.

unfortunately.. weather doesn't seem good today. it's raining. but we got ourself covered and continue .

we're on the bridge now.

the only thing to hold u up is the Ladder, piece of wood and Net.yes.. NET. and this is how high you're in.
The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks

That's my dad on the tree top hanging bridge.

into the jungle.....

be careful.. it's kinda high up here.

and it join from 1 tree to another tree.

and this is canopy walk is surrounded by nature. i'm loving it.

this is the rule that must follow. you don't want bad thing happen up here, don't you?

and this is how they tied the bridge on the tree.

and last... me myself on the bridge :)


[ Sabah ] Morning Scenery at Kinabalu Pine Resort

In the morning.. once step out of the door. and this is what i see.

it's morning.. and let see

the viewing deck outside restaurant where we had our breakfast

here, lets camho with my family XD

the viewing deck outside restaurant.. love this place.

arr... mirror~~ just nce. background me and :)

same place diff time.

this is what i'm talking about.. the Kinabalu Mountain view

another view of the mountain.

there is resort or houses almost anywhere.. and i have no idea where is that.

the environment here is not bad.. relaxing.

oh look~ an ancient sun clock.

that's it. one of my favourite resort.

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