[ Sabah ] Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

my dad brought us to Labuk Bay. never been to this place when i stay in sandakan.

this is a Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. yupes, we come here for monkeys

what's Proboscis Monkey you ask? this is the Proboscis Monkey.

and there is a lot more monkeys around.. most important. they are superb friendly..

how friendly? i believe the picture describe it all. they doesn't afraid at all

and when one monkey come near you.. the rest will just follow...

it's not attacking this guys, this just just trying to take a photo of the monkey

and i can get a very near shot of the monkey..

these monkey just everywhere.

and this is where we enjoy watching the monkey from.

let's back to Proboscis Monkey. and these monkey of why we're here.

Proboscis Monkey family

and we spotted a golden monkey... seem like monkey have golden fur when they are still child. gonna turn black when they grown up

and lucky to meet the Proboscis Monkey monkey feeding time..

it's Proboscis Monkey food time.

this is elderly Proboscis Monkey, can tell from it nose

and this is younger Proboscis Monkey, see the nose different?

Proboscis Monkey trademark nose.. big~~~~

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