[ Sabah ] My Childhood place... Pacific Cocoa

when night fall... we went back to a place.. that i though i have no chance to step in here anymore.. the Pacific Cocoa Plantation.. which now know as Lam Soon Plantation.

this is the place where i grown up.. i have a lot of my childhood memory here.

and the old houses still remains there. i used to live in one of these houses.

most of them place doesn't change or minor change.. but what changed the most? me myself..

next morning. i can't wait to photograph this place.

oh look. the lake still here... one of the hang out place during my childhood.

the basketball court.. Sepak takraw Court. volley ball court. okay. multi purpose court. even BBQ here too.

the club house.

inside the club house. nothing changed. even the arrangement.

ahhh,, that the house i used to stay!!

my kampung.. hahaha

Ms Kambeche!! she still here after so many years. so happy to see her again.

that's all, i spend most of my childhood time here.

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