My First Leica, Summicron-R90

This morning suddenly i received a parcel. yeah.. which i'm expecting, but never knew it arrived so's all the way from Othello.just take 4 days to arrive in malaysia. that' fast!

excited and checking it... hmph.. where my stuff?

there is it!! bubble wrapped.

and i found there is some surprise in it. there is 1 pen.. and another pen? wait not.. that is a light screw head interchange screwdriver. just something i need. perfect. very good and considerate seller. thumb up!

here's the thing i bought, from ebay. sigma? hmph.. something is hidden insinde sigma case...

can you tell what is it? Leitz ?

too bad.. i still need to wait for my adapter to arrive.. for now. this just a decoration item.. still not usable...

here you go.. my first summicron-r 90, metal construction, build in metal hood. rock solid feel. nice!

better quality shot with my a77, the summicron r 90 have gold and magenta coating.still can't use it yet. waiting for the convertion kits to arrive..

this is how wit look when the build in hood extended.

summicronr1.jpg" />

that's my leica summicron r 90 :)

According to LeicaWiki on Summicron-R 90, my Summicron were born in 1975. that make this lens 37 years-old. omg! older than me XD.
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