[ Sabah ] Drink Till Flood with Yapp

it's late night.. and i went out to yumcha with a friend. very close friend Yapp.

heavy rain.. won't stop us of course. damn long time didn't meet up with him. we changed place after a while due to the rain getting bigger.. better move to somewhere indoor.

for the old friend sake. we take a photo to keep.

he introduced a beer that i never see before the "Oranjeboom" beer.. he called it Orang Jepun ( Japanese ).

middle of the conversation... the thunderstorm didn't stop.. but strikes harder and louder each time.. and suddenly.. there is no more electricity ..

a while later... i noticed.... the road we came from just now.. had converted into a River... omg... can you imagine how heavy is there rain right now? half of the tire gone.

and this is the advantage of driving 4x4 car..

few hours later, about 3am.. the rain stop.. and the flash flood also faded.. leaving the road look like a sea surface..  mud and sand everywhere..

oh look, there is a log being carried to the middle of the road. haha, didn't see that coming

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