[ Sabah ] Sim Sim in Seafood

First Seafood Meal Stop. i missed fresh seafood soo much~

my parent brought us to Sim Sim for some nice seafood.

here's is the place.

Build on seaside. or should i say restaurant on sea? hehe. now... choose the fish you wants.

look like someone wanted a lobster meal. hmph.. fresh from sea.

too bad.. we didn't come for this. maybe some others time.

my dad. waiting for the seafood to come.

and this is my mom.

this place is not commercial area.. it's basically housing area.. on sea.. that's just few restaurant around this area.

view from restaurant..

oh look, seem like a visitor.. stop by for lunch?

oh no, they deliver the fresh catch fish and sell to the restaurant. and that mean.. fresh fish!!

i didn't take most of our meal. and this is one of the sotong kicap we ordered.

and this is the long corridor of the on water house. local call this place "water house" in Chinese.

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