[ Sabah ] To Kota Kinabalu, To Pine Resort

On the move, from Lahad Datu to Kota Kinabalu... that's almost 5 hours drive... and when almost arrive. we can feel the haze..

first thing first.. we need to get ourself a accommodation. since is not holiday season, need not to worry about the availability.

i kinda like the resort here.. relax..

look, there is a map for the resort.. hope i won't get lost. lol kidding..

we're arrived the Kinabalu.. and we enter this resort to rest a night

and a very great view too.. no?? i'll show you the breath taking new next morning.

it's most double storey building. 4 room a building

and we managed to get the almost best view room.

my mom and dad were relaxing and enjoying

that's all for tonight, good night. ~
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