[ Sabah ] Tree Top Canopy Walk

we going uphill, to canopy walk. yeah, this is the Tree Top Canopy Walk.

unfortunately.. weather doesn't seem good today. it's raining. but we got ourself covered and continue .

we're on the bridge now.

the only thing to hold u up is the Ladder, piece of wood and Net.yes.. NET. and this is how high you're in.
The suspension cables are hung between emergent dipterocarp and mengaris trees at 15-25m up the trunks

That's my dad on the tree top hanging bridge.

into the jungle.....

be careful.. it's kinda high up here.

and it join from 1 tree to another tree.

and this is canopy walk is surrounded by nature. i'm loving it.

this is the rule that must follow. you don't want bad thing happen up here, don't you?

and this is how they tied the bridge on the tree.

and last... me myself on the bridge :)

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