Tanjung Sepat Weekend

Shin Lee kinda miss the taste of tanjung sepat bah kut teh.so i brought her there this time. together with her family.

planned to order seafood bah kut teh... but end up seafood soup...hmph...

the new lover bridge, at least better and look better than old lover bridge.

pink white pink~

like mother like daughter.

it's a great place to blow water here.

and it's kinda windy here.

after that.. we planned to get home some snacks... and.... guess what we found...

and this is the snacks for raya.. damn......

Cameras & Electronics Expo (CEX) 2012

CEX2012 also known as the Cameras & Electronics Expo is held in Viva Home for the first time. let go check out is there anything interesting there.

seem kinda empty.. way different compare to camera fair held in mid valley. kinda empty.. less people..

guess what i found there? the Pentax 645D, it's a Medium Format Camera.. it quote RM35,888.00 at Shashinki. another camera you won't see everyday. should say different league camera.

and striking yellow color camera, it's Pentax Mirror-less camera. it has the very very very slim kit lens.. but.. it also have the thickest mirror-less camera body.

if you like underwater diving and photography.. guess this is the best equipment for you

underwater casing for D7000,  let go underwater photography

some others camera i spotted during the fair. look at the Pentax new dlsr.. feel like go well with Subaru impreza blue.

of course... where there is a photography fair, there will be a model shooting event. and this is the photography contest.

red carpet is on the floor.

he's trying to rearrange the photographer crowds so they can get different  angle shots

model shooting event begun.

some shot of the Panasonic booth.

and Fujifilm Instax, instant photos camera.

and spotted a Bronica Medium Format camera. it take films.

after a while, i meet up with jesster and Eass, and both of them are molesting the Pentax 645D. gosh..

Pentax Q the smallest Interchange camera and the Pentax 645D the Medium Format Camera.. when the tiny meet with the giant.

the pentax 645D

top view of the Pentax 645D. of this camera not only can use a interchangeable lens, it support interchangeable sensor back, mean can change the digital black if you wanted to.

this is the photo taken with the Pentax 645D. resized version. hahahaha.

Eass mounted his Helios 40 85/1.5 with his custom made hood  on the Pentax K-01 camera. added on with the LCD magnifier . turn out to be a very eye catching camera. huge like bazooka

look at the size of it.

shining chrome blue hood, shining silver helios lens, striking yellow pentax K-01 body. no way people won't head back for this.

okay.. before i conclude this post. i took some of the model shot in this exhibition. chill :)

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