Old Lens Club Play Play

 photo olcTT2_zpsa3979f89.jpg
Yong call up for a meet up. of course.. a poison sharing session..

 photo olcTT1_zpsb9e19f6e.jpg
and meet a new friend. kok Seng.

 photo olcTT6_zps0195f717.jpg
and this is kok seng Minolta Range Funder.

 photo olcTT3_zps47a75fe0.jpg
and these are Leica's that show up during this meet up..

 photo olcTT5_zpsa90cfd32.jpg
nice piece of optics. the summicron.

 photo olcTT4_zpsce4ef02d.jpg
waichee seem like having fun with the leica poison. hehehehe

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