[ Cambodia ] The Arrival

 photo cambodiaarrival1_zpsb93e6580.jpg
early in the morning. i'm on plane.. from one place to another.

 photo cambodiaarrival2_zps6582c10a.jpg
this is few minutes after the plane depart

 photo cambodiaarrival3_zps8152c64d.jpg
this is few minutes before the plane touch down..

 photo cambodiaarrival4_zps300cdf3f.jpg
and here we are, at Cambodia Siem Reap International Airport. yupe you're right. we come here for Angkor Wat

 photo cambodiaarrival5_zpsacc11b66.jpg
and this is our transportation.. powered by motorbike.

 photo cambodiaarrival6_zpsaf9c6ab5.jpg
on the way to our hotel.

 photo cambodiaarrival7_zpse79874c9.jpg
happen to spot a coconut cyclist on the road.. and this just the beginning...

 photo cambodiaarrival8_zps5001568c.jpg
obviously.. we took 2 motorbike powered transportation.

 photo cambodiaarrival9_zpsa7cf182b.jpg
traffic jammed.. and their main transportation vehicle seem like is motorbike.

 photo cambodiaarrival10_zps948c1357.jpg
arrived at our hotel

 photo cambodiaarrival_zpsc3666c04.jpg
and the place we stay. is call Golden Mango Inn... didn't see any mango around...

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