Light Painting with Alpha Gang.

 photo lightpainting1_zps471ae17e.jpg
preparation... need to prepare the things that will be used to burn~

 photo lightpainting2_zps05ecdd30.jpg
and the most important ingredient, STEEL WOOL.

 photo lightpainting3_zpse46ebcb6.jpg
a string, used for swings, and stuffed with steel wool and the end.

 photo lightpainting4_zps8016d712.jpg
first.. the person will light up the torchs, try to use manual focus and focus on the guy..

 photo lightpainting5_zpsa4bba67a.jpg
start the slow shutter when the guys begins to swing~~~~ and this is the first attempt... seem like the lights is not that

 photo lightpainting6_zps8eb4728c.jpg
2nd attempt. more spark!!!

 photo lightpainting7_zps9a82a045.jpg
longer exposure ~ able to capture more light trails

 photo lightpainting8_zps51683d56.jpg
this is what happen when the guys in the middle trying to spin 360 degree.

 photo lightpainting9_zps59e1fde9.jpg
cowboy swing~

 photo lightpainting10_zps01027a68.jpg
content location swing. which form a O

 photo lightpainting11_zps7f78f523.jpg
another cowboy horizontal swing

 photo lightpainting12_zpsdb3bddc8.jpg
and we get lucky got get a "a" alphabert ...

 photo lightpainting13_zpseeb6e4f2.jpg
use flash to highlight the person in the ring

 photo lightpainting14_zpsd9fb7bfb.jpg
double swing, double circle.

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