Enki and Chole Wedding Dinner

1 day later, it's Enki and Chloe Wedding Dinner.

Congratulation to Enki and Chloe

tonight is a memorial night to them and everyone.

for us.we have a small reunion. some old friend reunion again.

before the dinner end, we took a group photo with the keng kit and chloe


Enki & Chloe Heng Dai Ji Mui session

all the Heng Dai are ready~

here come the challange... 2 vs.... the rest?

not really, here are all the jimui's

Happy Wedding Enki and Chloe :)


Phuket 2013 Summary

Day 1
[1.0] Songkran at Bangla Street

Day 2
[2.0] Songkran Aftermath Street
[2.1] Elephant Rides
[2.2] Big Buddha Phuket

Day 3
[3.0] Bike Fest Week 2013
[3.1] Patong Beach
[3.2] Bye Phuket


[ Phuket ] Bye Phuket

that's it.. back to airport. heading back to malaysia.

no clue what it say.. but i pretty sure it say No Gun Allowed.

where's my flight.. where's my flight...

that's all for Phuket trips..

back to Malaysia...


[ Phuket ] Patong Beach


noting to do again.. heading back to beach again..


beach and people..

United Nation?

more beach... i don't know what i'm shooting. i just enjoying the wind.

wow.. look like castle in lord of the rings

and this girl build it


reading book with sunglasses.. hmph....

he seem like enjoying photo shooting.

more sand castle

sand human status.. but look more like a crime scene.

sun set... oh well.. seem like we don't have luck for sunset.

back to hotel then..

hi sand chubby.


just simple take a photo...

another one...


[ Phuket ] Bike Fest Week 2013

Phuket Bike Week, seem like we come to phuket at the right time.

guess we can see alot bikes there

wow? skull face oil cap/

harley? generation.. i'm not into bike.. so just have a look.

amazing... i pretty sure that's customized.

old school rox

this is quite modern,, and quite cool

this might be one of the latest model ?

heavy bike..

nice painting.

big fuel tank it have...

1 Malaysia? seriously? from malaysia?

another malaysia bike.

lightweight bike....

spareparts? here you go

this it awesome one..seem like unique..

custom made or D.i.Y

wow.. check this out.. rare species.. never see one before.

western cowboy town.

you will look perfect riding those bike with a bad ass looking jackets

bikers bikes

another modern bike.

and it's Ducati

the owner show up and make the machine rawr!

hey, nice Rim you got there.

someday you will grow up.. some day..

holly molly! this is amazing! just breath taking..

never see anything like it.

riding this bike will be like.. "put your hands up in the air~"

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