[ Phuket ] Big Buddha Phuket

After elephant ride. let's heading to Big Buddha, one of the landmark in phuket.

huge gong.. not sure is that the correct name

the Big Buddha Phuket.. seem like under renovation... or restoration...

let's get near to have a look

me and the buddha.

Spotted the money tree, i wish i can grown one too

oh look, it grow RM too.

7 Minutes Happy Mediration? how's that work?

some statues

no idea what is this.. it;s heavy.. and i believe is not gold.

and it used to build these bells, and some statue maybe? could it be bronze?

Big Buddha under renovation

the gold buddha

erm. is this new landmark? seem like under construction.

and seem like showing how it' being made.

amazing scenery up there.

Pray pray.. money money come~

gold monk statue surrounding the bottom of the statue

inside.. it's pretty much not ready for tourist.

another statues.

ding dong bell, ding dong bell.

that's all the big buddha phuket

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