[ Phuket ] Elephant Rides

The next day.. we take a tour to visit..


oh boy. seem like very friendly.

booked a ride with elephant...waiting for our ride.

there they come

and this is how we get onto the elephant.

elepahant parking spot.

hop on he say


Into the jungle..

along the road. we stop by and take some photo with it

photos session

continue the walk..

until certain distant.. we just u turn and head back to place where we start.

thats call it a ride..

juts a place to expriecend elephant ride.. but along ride... seem like they use force to make the elepahnt follow their instruction... sad to see that..guess to treat the elephant better.. that will me my only ride..

sorry to say.. but i don't find this ride enjoyable... and nothing interesting too. some elephant being chained since small..

elephant riding in group..

there is one being chained at the entrance.

this one is an hungry elephant... oh boy.. don't eat me please.. i give you banana.

this lady offering the elephant a banana.

seem like the elephant love her more than banana XD

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