[ Phuket ] Songkran Aftermath Street

Initially.. i tot the songkran will last for few days.. who know.. in phuket only last for a day.. the next day... these watergun is on megasales...

No songkran already.. loitering around the street...

Thai BOxing? too bad we not stay until that date.

finally able to see some dry cloths people.

back to patong beach..

calm.... after water war.

doesn't loook attractive anymore.. somehow... you can see this almost on every beach everywhere..

okay.. seem like someone want to get balanced tanted


sorry.. but just want to show.. you can find  very nice scenery over there.

someone is parasailing~

weeeeeeeee, up up in the sky~

another thing you can do in beach.


why is there a germany flag? germany territory ?


thailand famous tuk tuk transportation

amazing transportation skill too.

where is everyone been?


no songkran.. so end up checking out their beach loo

oh look. thailand mcdonal is slightly different from others.

erm.. cute creature.. but what is it?

oh hell no! that's not for guy!!! perfect for girl XD

Tiger Live Band.really? Tiger playing band?

Songkran Festival..

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