[ Phuket ] Songkran at Bangla Street

it's April 14th, this day is a special day for thailand, and that's the place where i'm heading today.

and the events is related to this image.. water....

just steped out from the airport.. wow? the party already started?

hop on to my taxi and heading to our hotel. along the road.. everyone is WET!

you guessed it right! Thailand Water Festival.. also known as SONGKRAN!

it's their New Year Celebration. everyone should get wet. really wet...

the whole street is very happening.. water war!

all kind of water gun can be seen. and almost everyone have one,

furhter into the street.. oh gosh.. don't hope you can walk pass in dry conditions.

if you happen to ask why? this is why,, once dry people spotted.. you naturally become everyone target.

the advice is.. get wet. stay safe. lol

can spot some sexy girl around too. depends on you attack or not to attack.

shoot shoot shoot and reload! if you do not know. these are ice water.. freezing cold.

yes! got my weapon loaded and ready. let back into war...

seem like beach is the safe zone..

In the evening... the warzone went wild... oh boy....

attack attack attack!

rain coat? nvm everyone target the face. that's the weakspot. lol

haha. negotiating?


tonight this street won't dry.

ang mo came all the way here to enjoy songkran too.

ho ho ho, this is what i'm trying to say.. the bullets.. ice cold water.

filled with Freezing cold water.

so you can get this kind of reation when got shot

in case you got injured, they have Dr Bangla standy for service.. i bet mostly got cold or flu....

holly cow! ops.. porkie!! drink my water!

volunteer to get shot.

erm... i not sure what happen. but seem like he made her gone wild.

ops.. under attack!!

no gun also can? splash water!!

whole street is wet!

ma see, no gun! SPLASH!!!

that's all for Songkran, really love this event. hope to come here again in the future,

oh, in case you ask.i actually bringing my Sony A77 with SAL16-50 for the entire songkran festival. i also here to test out how well the Weather prooved works. seem like my camera gear survived the Songkran.

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