Wesak Day Night Walk

 photo wesak1_zpsea1ca76d.jpg
it's another Wesak day. and i'm joined carole for the Wesak day street walk tonight

 photo wesak2_zps5ef9abd6.jpg
arriving at Brierfield buddhist temple. and it's already surrounded by peoples

 photo wesak3_zpsbde84500.jpg
watering the buddha

 photo wesak4_zps566e1b04.jpg
lightning up the incense for praying.

 photo wesak5_zpsb28e65f8.jpg
and there is a lots of candles light.

 photo wesak6_zps2e07b276.jpg
water splashing.. clear out bad luck

 photo wesak7_zps05d4e997.jpg
and the monk giving speach..

 photo wesak8_zpsac7eda4d.jpg
and the wesak day street walk is about to begin

 photo wesak9_zps59f56e62.jpg
and we happen to bump with Shreks

 photo wesak10_zps908247e3.jpg
and...Gwin and someone....

 photo wesak11_zps9f7f5962.jpg
and the walks begins..

 photo wesak12_zpsa30e8004.jpg
we got ourself a nice candle lights

 photo wesak13_zps8b773a55.jpg
waiting for the big group to lead.

 photo wesak14_zps9a782a73.jpg
the cars are coming out..

 photo wesak15_zps712e0301.jpg
fancy colorful car..

 photo wesak16_zpsd7b60438.jpg
oh look .. they managed to make a dragon alike cars

 photo wesak17_zps7d267f9f.jpg
and everyone is following at the back of the cars

 photo wesak18_zpsecdb2a53.jpg
group of wesak night walker from the same group.

 photo wesak19_zps5478cc6f.jpg
and i believe they are free walker.

 photo wesak20_zps8660135e.jpg
and little monks

 photo wesak21_zps721098df.jpg
that's it for wesak day walks.. and our candles burn down to ... this...

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