First Dive at Tioman Island.

 photo tiomanPhone2_zpsf0c4f2c6.jpg
here i am at the Mersing Jetty. getting ready for the dive :)

 photo bj01_zpsda1e7fbd.jpg
B&J, Tioman, Salang. i'm here for a reason.. obvisouly...

 photo bj02_zps53643815.jpg
Mouse Lee also here, enjoying the beach..

 photo bj03_zpsd0197e5e.jpg
my colleague Jacob was here too. all of us here for a reason.. Dive course.

 photo bj04_zpsb9a08978.jpg
it's been a while since my last book.. no choice.. had to go through it...

 photo tiomanPhone3_zps6652b724.jpg
watching some videos... somehow i think they need to upgrade their equipment.. don't you think so?

 photo bj05_zps38c6fcad.jpg
and we being explained fish species and hand signal for easy communication under water.

 photo bj06_zps276fc22e.jpg
inside the B&J office..

 photo bj07_zps5fdb9f51.jpg
and here's our instructor , Marek.

 photo bj08_zpsd27ff7ca.jpg
The Instructor and 3 of us. we're getting certified soon, real soon.

 photo bj09_zps1f767671.jpg
it's been a while since my last trip to Tioman Island.. near to 10 years i suppose?

 photo bj10_zps01505647.jpg
okay.. that's it.. yupe... it's end of the trip. too bad i don't have a underwater camera with me... maybe someone i will.

 photo tiomanPhone1_zps700f66a3.jpg
and this is the souvenir i got after my diving course...

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