Meow-come to Cat Cafe

 photo catcafe1_zps496cf922.jpg
Meow-come to Cat Cafe. thanks to moon introducing this hidden cafe :)

 photo catcafe2_zps1a7df191.jpg
Pet food.. menu? yupe you can order for yourself. or you can order for the cats

 photo catcafe3_zpsfe4488d4.jpg
and here is the persian cats. garfield look alike cats

 photo catcafe4_zpsa354d211.jpg
it's enjoying.

 photo catcafe5_zpsa073f6e2.jpg
is a big fur cats

 photo catcafe6_zpsca2da004.jpg
meow~ food?

 photo catcafe7_zpsccb2b292.jpg
holy meow! here's another rare species. little devil cat, or American Curl

 photo catcafe8_zps06426f95.jpg
and here's the hyperactive Thailand blueeye Siamese cat

 photo catcafe9_zps0929ac38.jpg
and very playful as you can see

 photo catcafe10_zpsd14a771a.jpg
cat's all around the place.

 photo catcafe11_zps3d996979.jpg
or.. there some rescued cats.. such as this.. it's old blind cats...

 photo catcafe12_zps151a839b.jpg
it's known as Cat Cafe, also one of the pet hotel.
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