ParkCity Run

 photo PCR1_zps087538ab.jpg
due to some circumstances , i run with my colleague husband name. lol.

 photo PCR2_zpse3caf8c8.jpg
and surprisingly, amazing weather.. with amazing scenery.. the burning skies.

 photo PCR3_zps9907bd80.jpg
after completed the 5KM runs. i got my first COLOR medal. hooray~


Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013

 photo penangMarathon2_zps5d39559f.jpg
when i received the running pack..i almost forgotten i participate in the Penang Marathon..

 photo penangMarathon3_zps73e26b82.jpg
so here i am in the crowd of marathoner

 photo penangMarathon4_zpsf18b462b.jpg
and look back.... omg... i can't see the end of the line...

 photo penangMarathon5_zps2c453859.jpg
look at the starting line.. so packed...

 photo penangMarathon6_zps5ba4e4cd.jpg
okay...the marathon begins... start running

 photo penangMarathon7_zpsd393fb3e.jpg
oooh look at that.. the Penang bridge in the morning.. amazing view...

 photo penangMarathon8_zps57ba5093.jpg
because i'm participate in 10KM runs.. so i don't have the chance to finish the whole bridge. so.. we are making a u turn here. almost reach the middle of the bridge.

 photo penangMarathon10_zpsae094b68.jpg
fuuuhhh.. finished the marathon at last.

 photo penangMarathon9_zps37775cd4.jpg
and here is the medal after completed the penang bridge marathon.

 photo penangMarathon11_zps17b4e95b.jpg
we are 10 KM marathoner :)

 photo penangMarathon1_zpsf24c2021.jpg
That's concluded the Penang Manarathon, finally i ran on the penang bridge :)


Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2013

 photo klims1_zps5f7666b4.jpg
once again is the KLIMS, i'm here once again...

 photo klims2_zps84ccc9ec.jpg
first thing that caught my eyes is this VW gold Cut Model..  showing what's underneath it

 photo klims3_zps93b5d198.jpg
when arrived the Subaru booth.. we saw a transparent car model. look like to show how's the engine and gearbox placed in the model. nice~

 photo DSC03307_zps17b02256.jpg
In Honda booth.. there's nice concept car.... the EV-STER. very nice design compact car.

 photo klims5_zps0e6c6084.jpg
and this is the concept car from Toyoya, the NS4...

 photo klims6_zps7cae23eb.jpg
and this is my favourite, the Lexus LFA. only 500 being made.

 photo klims10_zps43ef2db4.jpg
a masterpiece supercar from Lexus.

 photo klims8_zps7b8b4551.jpg
a weird toyota concept car...

 photo klims9_zps898bdce3.jpg
look, it have a big display panel. bring your TV out for roadtrip?

 photo klims11_zps8f03ddfb.jpg
look at this beetle... it's got a fender name on it.. and that guys is playing electric guitar through his bettle.. kinda cool

 photo klims12_zpsbfeae1ec.jpg
this is a Lamborghini Gallardo.... trying to be aventador?

 photo klims15_zps8549f7bb.jpg
or perhaps Lamborghini Reventon?  to me.. i prefer it's original shape....

 photo klims13_zpsb79e787a.jpg
another overdo car.... but this is original from factory... or from someone you might know...

 photo klims14_zps57bb0c61.jpg
yes.. this is the Jacky Chan Limited Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. only 50 were made...

 photo klims16_zps0e7cfe90.jpg
the Perodua Buddyz Concept. the first Perodua Sedan car?

 photo klims17_zps760881ab.jpg
and this is the citroen numero 9. rare brand in malaysia i suppose?

 photo klims18_zps48574a39.jpg
and this is the aftermarket modification... but.. i have no idea why? gatling gun at the back?

 photo klims19_zpscd586f6b.jpg
there is serveral Formula one car on display this time.. at least not dummy bat mobile like last year (facepalm)

 photo klims20_zps458e79ac.jpg
and there is some antique car on display.. or on sales?

 photo klims21_zps671475a0.jpg
here's the Corvette C3 .... classic

 photo klims22_zpsf149a234.jpg
i really didn't see this coming... the Ford Model T 1915... celebrating 100 yearsold soon.

 photo klims23_zps2c5e4354.jpg
and we're back to concept  car from hyundai i-oniq concept car.

 photo klims24_zpse27c7e20.jpg
and this is another favourite of mine, the Ford Mustang!!! this is the LHD fifth-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

 photo klims25_zps142c61dd.jpg
that's concluded all the KLIMS 2013 i guess.. before i go to get my car at the opposite building.. i see a poor rusted car parked there almost forever...


Sony a7R & A7 Hands-on Shooting Session

 photo a7handson1_zps654992d8.jpg
Studio Zaloon, the Sony Official Pro Shop.

 photo a7handson15_zps4f14c3dd.jpg
sony a7r SPOTTED !!

 photo a7handson9_zps92c3b26a.jpg
this is the reason why i'm here today, the new Sony a7R

 photo a7handson8_zps59707f92.jpg
this come with the grip. and this is the back of the a7r

 photo a7handson7_zpsea040b8f.jpg
from the front.

 photo a7handson4_zps0a198d2c.jpg
opened up. sony full frame sensor on a palm size camera.

 photo a7handson3_zpsc57f6398.jpg
a7 paired with Leica Summilux-R90

 photo a7handson5_zpse7c5be7f.jpg
look at that. sony camera, canon lens

 photo a7handson6_zps3e2bee68.jpg
sony a7 paired with Zeiss 135mm f1.8

 photo a7handson2_zps47a10957.jpg
Yoong is testing with the legendary old lens.

 photo a7handson10_zps021a47c1.jpg
come with the 55mm f1.8 zeiss lens for testing.

 photo a7handson12_zps8ef2df8a.jpg
paired with the zeiss 24-70 f2.8

 photo a7handson13_zps50fbafc9.jpg
another 24-70 f2.8

 photo a7handson14_zps5cbc787e.jpg
okay.. there is a model for test shot too...

 photo a7handson11_zps4cb20df9.jpg
i want one!!!!

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