Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013

 photo penangMarathon2_zps5d39559f.jpg
when i received the running pack..i almost forgotten i participate in the Penang Marathon..

 photo penangMarathon3_zps73e26b82.jpg
so here i am in the crowd of marathoner

 photo penangMarathon4_zpsf18b462b.jpg
and look back.... omg... i can't see the end of the line...

 photo penangMarathon5_zps2c453859.jpg
look at the starting line.. so packed...

 photo penangMarathon6_zps5ba4e4cd.jpg
okay...the marathon begins... start running

 photo penangMarathon7_zpsd393fb3e.jpg
oooh look at that.. the Penang bridge in the morning.. amazing view...

 photo penangMarathon8_zps57ba5093.jpg
because i'm participate in 10KM runs.. so i don't have the chance to finish the whole bridge. so.. we are making a u turn here. almost reach the middle of the bridge.

 photo penangMarathon10_zpsae094b68.jpg
fuuuhhh.. finished the marathon at last.

 photo penangMarathon9_zps37775cd4.jpg
and here is the medal after completed the penang bridge marathon.

 photo penangMarathon11_zps17b4e95b.jpg
we are 10 KM marathoner :)

 photo penangMarathon1_zpsf24c2021.jpg
That's concluded the Penang Manarathon, finally i ran on the penang bridge :)

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