Sony a7R & A7 Hands-on Shooting Session

 photo a7handson1_zps654992d8.jpg
Studio Zaloon, the Sony Official Pro Shop.

 photo a7handson15_zps4f14c3dd.jpg
sony a7r SPOTTED !!

 photo a7handson9_zps92c3b26a.jpg
this is the reason why i'm here today, the new Sony a7R

 photo a7handson8_zps59707f92.jpg
this come with the grip. and this is the back of the a7r

 photo a7handson7_zpsea040b8f.jpg
from the front.

 photo a7handson4_zps0a198d2c.jpg
opened up. sony full frame sensor on a palm size camera.

 photo a7handson3_zpsc57f6398.jpg
a7 paired with Leica Summilux-R90

 photo a7handson5_zpse7c5be7f.jpg
look at that. sony camera, canon lens

 photo a7handson6_zps3e2bee68.jpg
sony a7 paired with Zeiss 135mm f1.8

 photo a7handson2_zps47a10957.jpg
Yoong is testing with the legendary old lens.

 photo a7handson10_zps021a47c1.jpg
come with the 55mm f1.8 zeiss lens for testing.

 photo a7handson12_zps8ef2df8a.jpg
paired with the zeiss 24-70 f2.8

 photo a7handson13_zps50fbafc9.jpg
another 24-70 f2.8

 photo a7handson14_zps5cbc787e.jpg
okay.. there is a model for test shot too...

 photo a7handson11_zps4cb20df9.jpg
i want one!!!!

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