Christmas Night.Turkey.Present Celebration

 photo xmas1_zpsb69ee772.jpg
Ho~ Ho~ Ho~, it's Christmas Night~ you can tell from the present under the christmas tree

 photo xmas2_zps2d305223.jpg
And Dabie invited me to try out her first turkey dinner. omg.. i'm excited!

 photo xmas3_zps88ce0aed.jpg
and look at the raw Whole turkey... yummy

 photo xmas4_zpsafc58fb3.jpg
tada~ after few hours. and the turkey is ready ! look yummilicious!!

 photo xmas5_zpscd750a2c.jpg
side dishes~ berries jams surprisingly go very well with turkey meats.

 photo xmas6_zps2bc50096.jpg
and there is few bottles of sparkling juice... hahaha. no red wine ar?

 photo xmas7_zps8102c692.jpg
let's the dinner begins ~yummy~

 photo xmas8_zps3941c20d.jpg
Dabie and Law... you have a very good wife there. lol

 photo xmas9_zpsd779a83f.jpg
and i'm got myself a Turkey drumstick. taste so good. thanks Elise XD

 photo xmas10_zpsa5b42fe0.jpg
oh.. of course. don't forget about the christmas tree.

 photo xmas11_zps238ac41c.jpg
Gift Exchange!!!

 photo xmas12_zps4294a2b9.jpg
more gift exchange

 photo xmas13_zpscb85c549.jpg
more more gift exchange

 photo xmas14_zpsdfc585aa.jpg
and unboxing at the same time. come. show off the gift you got.

 photo xmas15_zpsd8faf01c.jpg
unboxing and show off your gift

 photo xmas16_zps2439e9b2.jpg
haha. eventually Law got the presents i bought from Legoland.

 photo xmas17_zps1e9af5c5.jpg
and Next big thing of the night. the LOG CAKE!!!

 photo xmas18_zpsec03871d.jpg
hmph.. first... must let the camera or phone snap 1st.. also know as the log cake last photo...

 photo xmas19_zpse1a6d95a.jpg
and that's my Christmas Night 2013 :)

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