LAT's Place

 photo lat1_zps47e9d4a2.jpg
Lat, the malaysia comic character. and i wondering what is the "LAT's Place" all about.

 photo lat2_zps8f4c7c78.jpg
and this picture explained it all. it's a restaurant. nicely decorated.

 photo lat3_zps810abfc3.jpg
having lunch  inside a building, but feel like having lunch outdoor.

 photo lat4_zps23b31d1b.jpg
the decoration on the ground..

 photo lat5_zps755340bf.jpg
some lat cartoon appear from place to place.

 photo lat6_zpsfc70c15c.jpg
there is different room for having your meal

 photo lat7_zps843d2303.jpg
the childhood game, jump aeroplane.. haha, it's been a while since i last seen that.

 photo lat8_zpsd7cc65ef.jpg
some long table in a diff room

 photo lat9_zps6da75d7a.jpg
i'  kapung boy in a kampung place. cooking kampung laksa

 photo lat10_zps0997246a.jpg
here a photo of me with mr Lat.

 photo lat11_zps534959a9.jpg
that's all for Lat place restaurant. love the decoration here.

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