Legoland Malaysia

 photo lego1_zps15e03e94.jpg
look at the colourful building, this is the new building Legoland Hotel.

 photo lego2_zps4df25749.jpg
front view of the Legoland Hotel.

 photo lego3_zps37e38ac2.jpg
the lego brick pool. you can construct your imagination from these brick

 photo lego4_zpsf083f6ea.jpg
some bad lego monster might bully

 photo lego5_zps31c4c0f4.jpg
and here i am at the legoland hotel.

 photo lego6_zps4b1559ea.jpg
the background decoration of the hotel receptionist, look clearly at the tiny stuff at the back, it's actually logo man brick

 photo lego7_zps1c1353b2.jpg
and there also some giant lego brick

 photo lego8_zps8cac9b27.jpg
here's the entrance of the LEGOLAND Theme park.

 photo lego9_zpsa0e6b3a7.jpg
special occasion decoration, the Christmas tree build from lego's

 photo lego10_zpsbd6580f0.jpg
and inside you can see a lot of miniature landmark in Malaysia and Singapore. even Cambodia.

 photo lego11_zps0c9c0ca1.jpg
another miniature building of the malaysia landmark

 photo lego12_zps0d1cb05e.jpg
closer look , like i'm walking in legoland.

 photo lego13_zpse985f556.jpg
and some construction site which can see almost everywhere in malaysia.

 photo lego14_zps0742a046.jpg
colourful historical building that can be found around petaling street. they build a miniature here too .

 photo lego15_zps9e3b57ab.jpg
Cruise made from LEGO.

 photo lego16_zps8875eecc.jpg
they even build an KLIA airport out of lego.

 photo lego17_zps35442023.jpg
and for some neighbour country. such as Cambodia. the angkor wat

 photo lego18_zps628ac9fd.jpg
another view of the angkor wat structure.

 photo lego19_zpsfc461f9d.jpg
beside historical structure, there also sci fi  model build form lego. like this.. the STARWAR.

 photo lego20_zpsd5be44a9.jpg
DEATH STAR that appear in Starwar. totally build from LEGO

 photo lego25_zps4b7b9266.jpg
some big enough that you can ride on it

 photo lego26_zps53fb21f0.jpg
even Gen ride on the lego camel

 photo lego23_zpsc4ca079d.jpg
more lego streets miniature

 photo lego24_zpsf7243d03.jpg
and we bought a LEGOLAND Malaysia Pressed Coin

 photo lego22_zps535e8bf6.jpg
some miniature shows the concert environemtns

 photo lego21_zps4a7860a2.jpg
i have no idea what this is.. but for sure is related to Thailand.

 photo lego28_zps414c157b.jpg
and pirates ships that made out of LEGO

 photo lego29_zpscd92cf5f.jpg
oh...Maybank have a tiger statue here.

 photo lego27_zps6a06c05e.jpg
omg,... is that Pharaoh?? it's tall!!

 photo lego30_zps30d62c93.jpg
and we bought our very unique lego bricks

 photo lego31_zps30abe9b9.jpg
when night fall, the miniature cities glows...

 photo lego32_zpsd2082947.jpg
all building lights up and look totally different from daytime.

 photo lego33_zps5e1dfa12.jpg
the city glows...

 photo lego34_zps0f5f8bdd.jpg
oh look, that's merlion, singapore landmark

 photo lego35_zps9c890384.jpg
china temple can be find here too

 photo lego36_zpsecb927c9.jpg
the malaysia mosque during night time.

 photo lego37_zps44905d3d.jpg
and this is another legoland city during night. look awesome rite

 photo lego38_zpsb5b989f9.jpg
okay.. that's all for the Legoland malaysia. good night.. too bad we're not stay in legoland hotel. need to go to town hotel

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