Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

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Here's another attraction of johor. the Hello Kitty Land.. well the package i bought is included. so... i'm here.. although i'm not a fans of hello kitty.

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somehow.. the time we're arrived clashed with some Visit Malaysia pageant? what i trying to say is...

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there is a lot foreigner beauty.. and probably they are Hello kitty fans..

 photo kitty4_zpse2b57e97.jpg
the Ms Visit Malaysia entering the hello kitty land.

 photo kitty5_zpsb6902058.jpg
and very first moment we entered. we saw the hello kitty dancing at the entrance

 photo kitty6_zpse94cbce9.jpg
the statue of the hello kitty

 photo kitty7_zps41d56cc2.jpg
there is a maze and some game to play in there. to get a hello kitty certificates

 photo kitty8_zps1842b885.jpg
hello kitty being jailed..

 photo kitty9_zps63fb2cff.jpg
the hello kitty lamp. the tool to play game with.

 photo kitty10_zpsa9be53b1.jpg
hooray.. seem like we managed to break the puzzle.. and here is our certificates

 photo kitty11_zps8c8b815c.jpg
and this is the cafe.. look nice rite?

 photo kitty12_zps5e963253.jpg
a random view of the hello kitty land.

 photo kitty13_zps73a29f92.jpg
the chamber of hello kitty.. it's all about hello kitty inside..

 photo kitty14_zps89be2872.jpg
the fountain of hello kitty

 photo kitty15_zps5f4c496a.jpg
the dinner room of hello kitty..

 photo kitty16_zps5232f090.jpg
hello kitty computer and the memorial photos

 photo kitty17_zps77b3d10e.jpg
the entrance of main hello kitty mansion.(i suppose)

 photo kitty18_zps8372638a.jpg
sometimess i guess the hello kitty will go play wonder melody form here.

 photo kitty19_zps249d0f4b.jpg
the hello kitty kitchen cabinet.....

 photo kitty20_zpsfea43d68.jpg
and this is the where hello kitty have her rest?

 photo kitty21_zps6fbc07eb.jpg
the hello kitty wardrobe.

 photo kitty22_zpsdc784d0f.jpg
look, the huge hello kitty plush toy!

 photo kitty23_zps5f7900bb.jpg
when we coming out from the mansion,is perfect timing, the hello kitty on stage dance show just started.

 photo kitty25_zps9abc810c.jpg
The hello kitty cookie kitchen.. you can make your own hello kitty cookies here.

 photo kitty24_zpsc8be1432.jpg
and this is the example of it

 photo kitty26_zps65d11fbb.jpg
and there is hello kitty necklace place..

 photo kitty27_zpse24e21f4.jpg
the hello kitty spinning tea time table.

 photo kitty28_zpsf4ad6d44.jpg
look, a very huge hello kitty! very huge...

 photo kitty29_zps0b14cb04.jpg
that's all for hello kitty land. if you are a hello kitty fans. i bet this place is paradise to you,.

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