The Little Big Club

 photo littlebigclub1_zpsb0b4090e.jpg
the Little Big Club, just 1 floor above the hello kitty town.. and also included in the package. so we of course going in for sure.. first thing we see.. the cinema.. train face ? look familar.. can't remember..

 photo littlebigclub2_zps5f47d16c.jpg
and there is a place can take photo with this dancing mice...

 photo littlebigclub3_zps827f83a0.jpg
and this is example of it. you child can dress like that to take photo.

 photo littlebigclub4_zps9aeeb27a.jpg
the Pingu fun house..

 photo littlebigclub5_zps5f1e7606.jpg
okay... here's the fun part. lol

 photo littlebigclub6_zps5a67ea5c.jpg
and we found barney..(seem like i only knew this...)

 photo littlebigclub7_zps9f84b469.jpg
and this is barney home..

 photo littlebigclub8_zps6ef35783.jpg
when we about to leave.. there is some show going on..

 photo littlebigclub9_zpsaa2e8a5d.jpg
the actual face train thingy... sorry.. dunno what that called... trying to entertain your kids, conclusion is.. i feel boring about this... unless you have your child here. this place it for children... you child will be a happy kids if you bring them here. for adult like us? wrong move.

 photo littlebigclub10_zps31caa873.jpg
as usual. before the exits, there always a merchandise shop.. try to grab your $$ before you leave.

 photo littlebigclub11_zps24d70697.jpg
my birthday kitty and her birthday kitty.,

 photo littlebigclub12_zps2a406b14.jpg
more merchandise... too bad i don't know most of the character here.

 photo littlebigclub13_zps67b9ed5c.jpg
some happy feller seem like she do knew them... no no, you not bring them home...

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