My Finisher Medal's Collection

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It's almost end of year 2014, it's time to summarized all the Medal's i collected so far. yahoo

[42km] Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014
[25km] Newton Challenge 2014
[21km] Brooks Kuantan Half Marathon 2014
[21km] 2XU Compression Run 2014
[21km] BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2014
[21km] Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014
[21km] Viper Challenge 2014
[21km] Cyberjaya Putrajaya Perdana Twin City Marathon 2014
[21km] CICM Responsible Care Run 2014
[21km] KL Heritage Park Night Run 2014
[20.5km] Reebok ONE Challenge 2014
[19.6km] Mount Kinabalu Successful Climber 2014  (10.2 + 8.7) 4,095.2 meters
[15km] Energizer Night Run 2014
[12km] Great Eastern Live Great Run 2014
[10.6km] Music Wave 'N" Run 2014
[10km] Parkcity Run 2014
[10km] Puma Night Run 2014
[10km] Penang bridge International marathon 2013
[10km] NM Galaxy road run 3rd series 2014
[10km] Melaka River International Marathon 2014
[10km] Standard Chartered KL marathon 2012
[10km] Standard Chartered KL marathon 2011
[5km] Run for your lives 2014
[5km] Parkcity Run 2013
[ - km] Score FitMob 2014

1600 Panda's at Batu Cave

 photo 1600pandabatucave1_zps6b6d52cd.jpg
1600 panda come to batu cave, so here we are.

 photo 1600pandabatucave2_zpsaa505c4f.jpg
Panda in BatuCaves

 photo 1600pandabatucave3_zpsac577ae0.jpg
seem like 1600 panda crew having a portraits session.. hmph.. that girl seem like yumi wong.

 photo 1600pandabatucave4_zps83ac9208.jpg
pandas~ pandas~ panda all around.

 photo 1600pandabatucave5_zps525deab2.jpg

 photo 1600pandabatucave6_zps2c4d29d9.jpg
overall view of the panda cage. alot peoples came here just for this panda.

 photo 1600pandabatucave7_zps5bc0651c.jpg
pandas pandas, but is there really 1600 pandas here?

 photo 1600pandabatucave8_zps6fdc0db0.jpg
must take a selfie with pandas.

 photo 1600pandabatucave9_zps43d3fe60.jpg
the signboard of 1600 pandas in malaysia tour

 photo 1600pandabatucave10_zps0f5ec0c5.jpg
some model or celebrities or radio dj? no idea.. but the white lady look a lot like ah Gil from Twins

 photo 1600pandabatucave11_zps55e8e3b3.jpg
shooting in progress

 photo 1600pandabatucave12_zps434fe648.jpg
selfie in progress XD


Comic Fiesta 2014

 photo ComicFiesta0_zps3a907340.jpg
Comic Fiesta 2014 is back once again.. thanks to a friend of mine for the free tickets. so here i am..

 photo ComicFiesta1_zps660ed3fd.jpg
i already late here.. around 3pm.. but the queue for the entrance ticket still remain long... (event ends at 7pm). glad i have the free tickets and skip the queue.

 photo ComicFiesta2_zps6d131e4b.jpg
the first thing that pulled my attention.. is this amazing cosplay...it's a Gundam  Exia from Gundam 00

 photo ComicFiesta3_zps0d8aaa96.jpg
amazing details of the Gundam Exia

 photo ComicFiesta4_zpsff3e51a8.jpg
okay... once entered the hall..... peoples everywhere....

 photo ComicFiesta5_zpsa06c97f7.jpg
oh look.. i spotted Naruto Father, Minato Namikaze 4th Hokage.

 photo ComicFiesta6_zps54cafd4c.jpg
live dota tournament ? everyone is paying attention to the big screen.

 photo ComicFiesta7_zps9d2b568a.jpg
Grand Finals? hmph.. i don't care. lol

 photo ComicFiesta8_zps13a6819c.jpg
further inside.. arts booths. selling their own artwork.

 photo ComicFiesta9_zpsc1e25f22.jpg
and i happen to come across this figure. the Evil Ryu with long hair figure.. amazing.. never see ryu like this b4.

 photo ComicFiesta10_zps5f393b40.jpg
another fine figure... i'm no idea what is this...

 photo ComicFiesta11_zpsad57b0f7.jpg
oh.. i know this one, Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier. from anime Fate Zero

 photo ComicFiesta12_zpsceed8b02.jpg
no idea... have no idea what character is this.. from which anime i mean

 photo ComicFiesta13_zps62b82ad5.jpg
Hatsune Miku.

 photo ComicFiesta14_zps9d1bbf86.jpg
and there is a booth selling sword... mostly cosplay wooden sword, for decoration purpose only..

 photo ComicFiesta15_zps96ad3dda.jpg
Alice in the wonderland.. no.. don't kill me.

 photo ComicFiesta16_zps34f2fec3.jpg
some artist selling their custom artworks here.

 photo ComicFiesta17_zps4eefe9fc.jpg
and i happen to spot a JOKER from batman.

 photo ComicFiesta18_zps08b26c5a.jpg
Saber from Fate Anime.. gosh.. she's pretty.

 photo ComicFiesta19_zpsd69c30e6.jpg
erm... look greats nice pose.. but i have no idea which anime she come from..

 photo ComicFiesta20_zps558cd5ad.jpg
no idea on this 1 too, but she's hot, that's for sure.

 photo ComicFiesta21_zps65994a63.jpg
oh.., look!! Guile.. from street fighter.

 photo ComicFiesta22_zpse99931a7.jpg
cute little girl. no idea which character she cosplay . i'm really getting old..

 photo ComicFiesta23_zps7f868bff.jpg
one piece members.

 photo ComicFiesta24_zps05d4e920.jpg
i believe this is some kind of a online game..

 photo ComicFiesta25_zps759b83a5.jpg
Natsu Dragneel from fairy tales


My First Full Marathon at Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014

 photo PBIM1_zps48134efa.jpg
It's here.. we're the 42KM Full marathon challenger ! it's 1am at the moment. the run gonna start at 1:30am...

 photo PBIM2_zpsff9b3a98.jpg
did i mentioned we're running on the Penang New Bridge? yeah. it's the 2nd Penang Bridge..

 photo PBIM3_zps97bf53ec.jpg
wait no more, selfie on the bridge.

 photo PBIM4_zps5114f0cd.jpg
from one end to another end. when you saw the toll, it's mean your on the other side of the bridge.. just finished 21km. oh ya, go and return on the new bridge total up 42km.

 photo PBIM5_zps4a3af868.jpg
Goku?  he seem like here for the full marathon as well.

 photo PBIM6_zpsbc43d1ca.jpg
let's take a selfie with goku.

 photo PBIM7_zps57b155df.jpg
oh look. we almost there. just 3km away to the finishing line.

 photo PBIM8_zps7b62291e.jpg
everyone look exhausted... and the sun already raised.

 photo PBIM9_zpsad862868.jpg
oh yeah!!! look!! it say "FINISH"!!! i'm here at last. after 42km run + walk with cramp

 photo PBIM10_zpseb86c0f9.jpg
 still... i'm the proud 42.195KM Finisher!! yahooo

 photo PBIM11_zps5b5afd2d.jpg
The Medal Of Honor.

 photo PBIM12_zpse746afbc.jpg
not to forget selfie with it. XD

 photo PBIM13_zps808555cc.jpg
along the run.. i pick up something. a sport band... but have no idea what brand and model. it served me as a digital watch at the moment. great gift from Penang Bridge Marathon.

 photo PIBM_zps1ea786f0.jpg
Here's my result of my first attempt..

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