Last Day of 2013. Beginning of 2014

 photo nye1_zps0b74f194.jpg
The Last day of 2013.. we went to a Black Market.. a restaurant in KL.

 photo nye2_zpsf8b758f5.jpg
very nice environment and food..oh look, custom wine glass.

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the atmosphere here are amazing, low light, romantic and perfect for couples

 photo nye4_zps0e974510.jpg
and this birdy wine gave us some fun among us.

 photo nye5_zpsf0526374.jpg
groups of yumcha gang that celebrate the last day of 2013.

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then.. we decided to changed to Jayaone for the countdown event. accompany with some beer... a tower of super dry beer from Asahi.

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that's all for the year of 2013. best friend forever~

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