[ Mount Kinabalu ] To The Peak!

 photo KKDay3_ 1_zpsdk9jkwsw.jpg
early morning, we're ready.. Kinabalu Peak. here we come.

 photo KKDay3_ 2_zpszzvhm5js.jpg
thanks to rain yesterday, the sky is totally clear, and i have the opportunity to enjoy the stary sky.

 photo KKDay3_ 3_zpsfkktkfg0.jpg
and we managed to spot the MilkyWay along the hike. can you see that in this pic?

 photo KKDay3_ 4_zpspo3pjvhx.jpg
the sky is getting brighten up, where's the peak? are we there yet?

 photo KKDay3_ 5_zpsqpa70szu.jpg
here's a view of the Kinabalu, this view is being used in old ONE RINGGIT malaysia banknotes

 photo KKDay3_ 6_zpsvc2pwwnf.jpg
Rem quite happy when getting near to the peak. and that's the Face of Mountain behind. can you see it?

 photo KKDay3_ 7_zpscvz1he3p.jpg
Breaking dawn.. how amazing is that. bringing a 8kg camera gear all the way up here? totally worth it.(that's the reason why i'm here again)

 photo KKDay3_ 8_zps6t0haqii.jpg
the morning ray across the borneo land.

 photo KKDay3_ 9_zpsfbijqgig.jpg
Me and Lance at the peak. sun bathing

 photo KKDay3_ 10_zpskb8uag2b.jpg
the map of the Kinabalu peak. incase you lost here. lol

 photo KKDay3_ 11_zpsaaocnw9f.jpg
that's me and the face of god mountain.

 photo KKDay3_ 12_zpsc9x7vzl9.jpg
we made it to the peak.. *again*. hahhaha

 photo KKDay3_ 13_zpszohsxwax.jpg
and we made some new friend too.

 photo KKDay3_ 14_zpsqbwdtogr.jpg
i'm here. at the highest place of south east asia.

 photo KKDay3_ 15_zpsvipdtyqm.jpg
3881 feets. sorry my watch haven't calibrate properly. hehehe

 photo KKDay3_ 16_zpsmspkw9hc.jpg
okay.. it time to go down..

 photo KKDay3_ 17_zpsion1asjq.jpg
bye bye face of the mountain.

 photo KKDay3_ 18_zpssgrxfhsf.jpg
we going down real slow~ slowly enjoy the view up here.

 photo KKDay3_ 19_zpsdvdaykk3.jpg
welldone Donny.

 photo KKDay3_ 20_zpssmbypxtg.jpg
the guiding rob.

 photo KKDay3_ 21_zpsf8vqanwt.jpg
how is it feel to sleep On the mountain? hmph....

 photo KKDay3_ 22_zpsgjjko9of.jpg
oh look. i'm above the cloud.

 photo KKDay3_ 23_zpsmfzs7pxm.jpg
let me try hug the sky. hug hug

 photo KKDay3_ 24_zps5o9lqytm.jpg
this way down

 photo KKDay3_ 25_zpsy4kdwgrb.jpg
we need to get below the cloud.

 photo KKDay3_ 27_zpsnkjwixf2.jpg
side by side with the cloud

 photo KKDay3_ 28_zpstgdx1k5v.jpg
laban rata, packing up the rest of the stuff, we're leaving soon. just group photo before going down further.

 photo KKDay3_ 29_zpsuh8ijkbx.jpg
the final staircase before the exit. yahoo. we made it to the exits.

 photo KKDay3_ 30_zps3xuce3dq.jpg
That's conclude the hiking journey when see this gate.

 photo KKDay3_ 31_zps500c1yno.jpg
turn back and look at the Kinabalu Mountain.. few hours ago, we're still at the peak of this mountain. :)


[ Mount Kinabalu ] Hike All The Way Up

mountain hiking pass, checked. i'm ready to hike once again.

we have 5 of us, all of us going to conquer the Mountain Kinabalu. although this is not my first time.

Tiong, Me, Lance, Yukie, Sheau Juin, and Rem

The Hiking begins here.

keep moving.

keep moving~ before that, we take a short rest here.

along the road.

we came across a waterfall, and we wait for everyone for a group photo here.

hi little friend, there is a lot of  squirrel on every stop, and they are friendly.

Rem seem happy to spot staircase here.. i will phobia seeing staircase after this.

the scenery keep change every time you reach certain height. sadly foggy around this place, if not might see very nice scenery here.

back to the ancient jungle.

and thing might get little bit wet here.

Pondok pondak for rest..

oh look. we finished the Mesilau trails. it's joined back the main trail to the Kinabalu Main trail. we're almost there to reach Laban Rata.

little bit more.. keep going.

little rest here. staircase.... @.@

salute this guy! he completed Mount Kinabalu with one leg. strong determination,

spotted Lance and Rem.

Summit Trail? no no we rest here tonight.

finally reached the Laban Rata, gonna rest few hours here before continue to the peak.

look at the amazing view from here. this is one of the reason why i want to return to this place.

another view around this place.

another photo of this place. look the cloud a below me!

by the way.. their sunset is amazing too.

okay. let's get some rest before continue the final Summit Trail. see you in the early morning.

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