[ Mount Kinabalu ] I'm Back

I'm step into Sabah once again, this time i have a mission, to conquered Mount Kinabalu *again*, this time i bringing my Camera equipment with me. hope to bring back some satisfying photos

 photo KKdayOne 1_zpsanhf21qy.jpg
First shop arriving KK, feed ourself. this restaurant seem like highly recommended by HK celebrities.

 photo KKdayOne 2_zpsbxszv98j.jpg
Springing Noodle. Suspension Noodle? hahaha

 photo KKdayOne 3_zps0cxti9vt.jpg
our trip tour guide, Mr Leong.

 photo KKdayOne 4_zpstmtqpwz0.jpg
all the way up the Kinabalu. gosh.. you hardly see the route

 photo KKdayOne 5_zpsard8gugx.jpg
fuahh... so crowded.. are we late? still can register or not ar?

 photo KKdayOne 7_zpsqdrg4efi.jpg
while waiting for registeration.. this guy pass by.. so.. do you think you still have a good reason to quit?

 photo KKdayOne 8_zpsru7f9lhx.jpg
heading to mesilau check point. we gonna rest there for tonight.

 photo KKdayOne 9_zpscdaf3cnm.jpg
cellphone is the only entertainemnt

 photo KKdayOne 10_zpsiwkxw6wx.jpg
that's our clubhouse...

 photo KKdayOne 11_zpsxy43rnmn.jpg
not really cold.. still ok la. 18 degree celsius .

 photo KKdayOne 12_zpsuakoe297.jpg
a group photo at the restaurant.

 photo KKdayOne 13_zps1k77ceaa.jpg
i want selfie.. in the restaurant.

 photo KKdayOne 14_zpsuzuvvyez.jpg
another corner of the restaurant.

 photo KKdayOne 15_zpstsl8b3yq.jpg
Mr Leong is giving explaination of the Mount KK. how we going to go up there.

 photo KKdayOne 16_zpstv9cy6wt.jpg
after that, we all heading back to our bed for recharging.. ... this is for our phones only

 photo KKdayOne 17_zpsw9r2be9u.jpg
and this is our recharging place good night everyone, we will start our hiking on the next day. stay tuned

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