New Toy ! the Parrot Zik Headphones

Wanted a Bluetooth Wireless Headphone.. and best to come with Noise Cancelling feature.. and then Google told me Parrot Zik is the Headphone i want.. and happen one of my friend is going to US.. then.. really San Fu Sai lar.

The Open box of my new toy straight away from U.S, Thanks Kuan Hoong for bring it back to me .

The Parrot Zik Headphone by PARROT.

that's the box. let's open it XD

here how's the headphone look like.

and there a little box placed at the back.

The Parrot Zik manual book in multiple language. designed by Philippe Starck

that's my Wireless Headphone in my head, woohoo.. WIRELESS!!

it come with a jawbone sensor, it will stop the noise cancelling, pause the music by the time remove the headphone from my ear

The mic, Micro USB, audio kack and mic mic mic.(for noise cancellation i suppose)

and here is the battery placed. tiny battery...

and it paired with iphone pretty well. now i can listen to my music wireless. yoohooo

+ Bluetooth Wireless Headphone.
+ Noise Cancelling feature
+ Touch sensitive controls (Up down for volume, forward/backward for next and previous tack)
+ Iphone / Android Integrated Application.
+ Customization , Configuration.
+ NFC (i didn't use this, this is my first NFC device, good to have as a bonus)
+ Update Headphone Firmware through Bluetooth from iphone.(cool)
+ Excellent Build Quality.
+ Audio Quality is awesome!
+ Sleek Design Headphone.

- Battery Life if everything turns on.
- No gesture to turn on/off noise cancelling from the device, only can be done from smartphone app
- NO HARD CASING? oh? so i need to purchase the hard case separately by myself
- NO EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGER? seriously? i need to use the Headphone to charge the battery.
- Doesn't have a good support on windows platform...

Official Website :
[ Parrot Zik ] designed by [ STARCK]

Mount Kinabalu 2014 Summary

Day 1
[1.0] I'm Back

Day 2
[2.0] Hike All The Way Up

Day 3
[3.0] To The Peak!

Day 4
[4.0] Completion Achievement


[ Mount Kinabalu ] Completion Achievement

Everyone collected their own completion certificate. yahooo. everyone made it.

here's the Kinabalu Certificates. this is my 3rd Attempt for Mount Kinabalu. might come back again for Ferrata Challenge someday.. we'll see.

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