First Camping at Broga Hill

it's been a while i didn't go up broga, and here i am again.. for a slightly different reason... camping.

it's quite a fresh experience to me to camp at broga hill. and meeting groups of new friends.

and the scenery on top of broga hill is amazing.

of course we're not sleeping in that way.. lol

a group photo with low light condition.. only lit with touch light.

and this is where i rest.. inside a tiny camp.

and morning they have a fantastic scenery up there..

the skies is getting brighter.. and brighter..

and a overall shot of our campsite.

another campsite and climbers.

and here is where our breakfast prepared. lol

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Unknown said...

Hi interesting post. I plan to camp at the hill to this month. Which part of the hill is suitable for setting camp? Is permit required for camping? Thanks

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