Melaka River International Marathon 2014

 photo malaccaMarathon1_zpse04697b9.jpg
We come all the way to malacca for the Melaka River International WOR marathon.. some how.. this is the second marathon i join from this organizer. they just never failed to disappoint me.. running pack collection is a messed. and how EXPENSIVE is the bag? we paid for the joining fee though...

 photo malaccaMarathon2_zpsa3e21706.jpg
okay.. managed to finished the run.. hoorayyy... i participate in 10km.. and i think i made the right choice... why? have a look at the medal..

 photo malaccaMarathon3_zps9601bdf5.jpg
see... it say finisher... all 10km, 21km, 42km, received the same medal. why jog so hard? it's the same after all.

 photo malaccaMarathon4_zpsfe8635c6.jpg
worst part... the so call goodies bag from a so called INTERNATIONAL marathon wor! sorry but this look like a rubbish bag more than a goodies bag.. just a banana inside.. i end up spending own money to get myself a drink..

sorry but i think i won't join the marathon organizer by the same organizer again.

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